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Un Smail pa Korsou

Everyone is welcome!

Sunday morning, April 7th, at 6:30 am, the first volunteers were ready to start. Nearly a hundred volunteers dedicated themselves selflessly to 'Un smail pa Kòrsou' on this day. Children and parents/caretakers were welcome at the Wishi community center starting from 9:00 am. In total, about 250 children showed up; and this includes all children. Local and migrant, with or without documents. Every child was welcome and could take advantage of this opportunity together with their parents/caretakers!


Information Session | Free Check-up

After registration, participants could attend an educational information session where they learned about the importance of brushing, how to best brush their teeth, and what they should or should not eat and drink for the benefit of their teeth. They listened attentively; a mother asked the next day: 'Is it true that my son can only drink water now?'


After the information session, children could go to the so-called 'treatment room' where their teeth were examined for free by professionals. Cavities, inflamed gums, and rotten teeth were detected among other issues, and children (and parents/caretakers) received advice for follow-up as best as possible.


Not Going Home Empty-handed

After the check-up, the children were then guided to the next station where they received fruit, drinks, and a customized dental care package. The package was assembled on the spot depending on the age and findings of the dentists. Afterwards, some entertainment was arranged for the children. They could play games, have their faces painted, and enjoy music played by a DJ. Some understandably stayed a bit longer at the community center to kick a ball!


It was a successful day where Salú pa Tur, together with Un smail pa Kòrsou and Federashon Otrobanda, were able to make a difference for hundreds of children. Children and parents went home well informed and motivated. A mother shared the next morning: 'My child suddenly couldn't wait to brush her teeth by herself'.


Our gratitude goes out to everyone who contributed to making this event a success. All volunteers and donors, thank you!


Want to Contribute?

Would you also like to contribute to this cause?

Donations of toothpaste and toothbrushes are welcome at our clinic at Landhuis Kas Chikitu. If you prefer to make a financial contribution for future projects, you can do so here or via our donation button.



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