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Your Support Matters

Salú pa Tur thrives on the backing of compassionate individuals and companies, like you. Your support is the lifeline that enables us to offer critical healthcare services to uninsured migrants. It's through your generosity that we swiftly address pressing healthcare needs, innovate solutions, and champion the rights of those seeking refuge in Curaçao.


In a landscape where the migrant population continues to rise, the demand for our services grows exponentially. The unwavering public endorsement of our cause has been an incredible force. Thanks to supporters like you, we can swiftly spring into action when crises unfold.


Will you join our mission and stand in solidarity with those we serve? Your involvement could be the difference between health and uncertainty for countless individuals in need.

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Feel inspired? You can support Salú pa Tur by organizing events like a movie night, pub quiz, or a fun run at your school. Get creative!

Reach out to us with your fundraising ideas, and let's work together to make them a success.

WAYS your company CAN SUPPORT

Your company holds the power to transform lives and uphold compassion for refugees in Curaçao through various avenues:


1. Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility: Showcase your company's commitment to social causes.

2. Tax-Deductible Donations: Contribute through tax-exempt gifts to make a difference.

3. Project Sponsorship: Support a specific initiative aligned with your company's values.

4. Employee Payroll Giving: Enable your employees to contribute effortlessly.


Let's collaborate and explore tailored partnership opportunities suitable for your company's ethos. We're dedicated to offering guidance, resources, and detailed information to facilitate our joint impact. Contact us today to initiate a conversation on how your company can create lasting change.

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Make a donation:
Donate Goods or Funds Today!

Your support sustains our mission to provide essential medical care to those in need. Your donation, whether financial, §or essentials like clothing and hygiene kits, serves as a beacon of hope. 

It enables us to offer crucial healthcare services, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their circumstances, receives the care they deserve.

Celebrating Something Special?

Do you have a birthday, retirement, wedding, anniversary, or another occasion coming up?

Would you prefer not to receive gifts for yourself? Instead, consider asking your guests to contribute to us.

You can ask us for a donation box or create a fundraising page for this purpose.

Contact us if you need help! 

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Spread the Word

Let's light the way to healthcare for uninsured migrants in Curaçao. Your voice can be the guiding light for those who need it most.

If you have a vast network, lend us your support! Rally people to join our cause and share our mission. Every effort counts, no matter how small, in making a significant impact!

Passionate about making a difference?

Whether you have a brilliant idea or simply want to lend a helping hand, Salú pa Tur welcomes your support! Join us in our mission to provide crucial healthcare to uninsured migrants in Curaçao. Reach out to us today to explore how your passion and skills can contribute to our cause. Together, let's create meaningful change and build a healthier, more inclusive community.

Empower change with your generosity!

Your contribution can transform lives and ensure essential healthcare reaches those in need.

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