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 What we do 


At Salú pa Tur, our focus lies in running a no-cost healthcare facility in Curaçao, specializing in attending to uninsured migrants of varied origins. We provide an array of services, from managing chronic illnesses, offering pediatric consultations, and conducting pregnancy check-ups to providing limited assistance for secondary care and medications. Additionally, we extend our reach by distributing donated essentials, supporting not only migrant populations but also the local community.

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Salú pa tur

Who we are

We are dedicated to aiding uninsured migrants in Curaçao. We provide care to a diverse array of individuals from various nationalities and backgrounds. Our emphasis lies in addressing chronic conditions, pediatric care, and pregnancy check-ups, with a committed team devoted to the health and well-being of our patients.


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Elisa Janszen

Founder / medical advisor of Fundashon Salú pa Tur

Who are we? 

Healthcare for Uninsured Migrants

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Delivering Healthcare and Support to Uninsured Migrants

At Fundashon Salú pa Tur, our commitment revolves around providing comprehensive healthcare solutions to uninsured migrants in Curaçao. Our primary healthcare clinic, nestled in Landhuis Kas Chikitu, serves as a beacon of hope for those without access to medical services.

Diverse Care for a Diverse Population

The tapestry of our patients is rich and varied, encompassing individuals from diverse corners of the globe, including Venezuela, Colombia, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. While the majority seek refuge from Venezuela, our clinic caters to an array of healthcare needs, from managing chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes to offering pediatric consultations and crucial pregnancy check-ups.

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Extending Beyond Clinic Walls

Our commitment extends far beyond the confines of our clinic. Understanding the needs of the most vulnerable among our patients, our outreach team embarks on house visits, ensuring that essential care reaches those who need it the most. Moreover, through the generosity of donations, including clothing, hygiene kits, and essential items for new mothers, we aim to alleviate the burdens faced by both migrant and local communities across Curaçao.

Donations with Impact:
Supporting Communities

Through the generosity of material donations—ranging from clothing to hygiene kits and essential supplies for new mothers—Salú pa Tur strives to alleviate the burdens faced by both the migrant and local communities. These donations, distributed across Curaçao with the aid of local organizations, extend our commitment to the wider community beyond medical care.

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Empowering Change,
One Patient at a Time

Since opening our doors in July 2019, more than 7,000 individuals have accessed our services, illustrating the profound reach of Salú pa Tur. With each patient cared for, our mission transcends mere healthcare provision; it’s about empowering individuals toward a healthier, more hopeful tomorrow.

Join us in making a meaningful difference

Empowered by Collaboration:

Our Vital Partnerships

Partner Salú pa Tur
Salú pa Tur Partner
Fundashon Plòns Kòrsou
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