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Health DAy at the Haitian COnsulate

Salú pa Tur’s team was invited by the Consulate of Haiti in Curaçao to join a health day. We were able to perform blood pressure and glucose checks of more than 100 individuals. Many attendees had undiagnosed hypertension or diabetes. Some had not been able to afford their medication or go to follow-up visits with their doctor.


Those individuals who did not have medical insurance were introduced to the Salú pa Tur clinic. People with hypertension and diabetes can receive free follow-up care at our primary care clinic. In many cases, we can also help through payment of medication or a small amount of lab tests, to rule out the most severe complications such as kidney failure.


Would your company like to support Salú pa Tur and offer blood pressure and glucose screening to your employees?

Get in touch to set up a screening event at your location!


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